Sveti Georgi

SAINT GEORGE'S DAY is among the most important folk festivals.

It is observed on May 6 and has a strongly occupational content, marking the beginning of trading activity and stock-breeding for the year.

Its expressive rituality has been preserved to date.

On the night ...


Easter is a mobile annual festival; the date of its observance is calculated on the lunar calendar.

Easter is the most revered festival in the Church calendar of Orthodox Christians.

It is celebrated in the course of three days. Typical of this holiday is the dying of eggs.



The town of Zlatograd is situated in the East Rhodopes.

The well-preserved churches, monasteries and Christian graveyards in Zlatograd

and the neighbouring villages testify that mostly Bulgarians have inhabited that area during the ages.

There are also architectural and ...

Troyansky Monastery

The Troyan Monastery, is known above all for the creative work of Zahari Zograph

who painted both the exterior and the interior (a rare practice for the time) of the main church built in 1835, 7 km from the town of Troyan.

It is a fine example of the impact of the popular ...

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